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Our focus at Twin Distributing is to help our customers be the best they can be in the car wash industry. Whether you are interested in building a new car wash or a seasoned car wash operator, we are here to help. In Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, Twin Distributing provides car wash equipment, car wash solutions, and car wash parts and service. We are proud to be distributors of the top car wash equipment manufacturers in the industry such as PDQ Manufacturing providing in- bay automatic car wash equipment, MacNeil Equipment providing tunnel car wash systems and Carolina Pride providing self-serve car wash equipment. We offer car wash equipment, parts and service for all of our customer at competitive rates.

We are also distributors for top rated car wash chemical solutions such as CSI providing Lustra car wash products, Dubois providing Super Sat and Blendco brand car wash chemicals, Zep Manufacturing providing Armor All and Blue Coral car wash products. We also have our own house brand of wash solutions called Four Seasons car wash solutions. All of our chemical customers receive regularly scheduled visits from trained personnel. These checkups help make sure that all wash solutions are working properly with a great show while maintaining cost control for the car wash operator.

Car Wash Equipment

If it sprays water, has a brush, uses Solutions, or cleans your dog, we got it.


Juice for your wash

Support Equipment

If it’s used in the car wash equipment room or bay and you want it, click here.

Our Mission

We are the business of making our customers wealthy by providing quality service and equipment to them for their customers. We strive for our customers to win and be the most successful they can be in the car wash industry.

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